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The transformation is complete!

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a new name?

So… why the name change? When ParentPager was
first developed in the late 1900’s, (does that make us
sound really old?) communicating using pagers was a
feature ministries were searching for. The idea that they
had to protect against a child being released to an
unauthorized person was not even on the radar for
most ministries. The ParentPager system was specifically
designed to protect children during the check out
process by showing pictures of the people authorized
to pick up a child. It was also the only check in/out
system that incorporated communications using pagers
and cell phones directly into the system.

The passion of the ParentPager developers has always
been security and protecting ministries. Today ministries
realize the importance of security and they are being
challenged to automate the check in/out process and to
use technology to manage all aspects (attendance,
real-time ratios, absentee reports, volunteers,
communications, etc.) of their ministry.
This is exactly what the ParentPager system does!

So, we needed to break the concept that we are only
about pagers. Our new name best describes what we are.
A system capable of equipping the many facets of
ministry to function as one…
as if they were “in sync”
with each other…

Working together,
we get more done.

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